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Rumbly Tummy? Food At Galleon Studios

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Catering options at the Manchester Studio

An army marches on its stomach and a fed crew is a happy crew. Galleon Studios has its own fully functional kitchen with oven, fridge and microwave where food can be prepared on site but in addition to this, we are pleased to offer the following options for your shoot.

Rated 5 star “excellent” in hygiene is the amazing Gaynor’s Food Van, people who hire the studio sing its praises and so do we.  They recommend the steak sandwiches but we’re fond of the Tuna Salad, or the Ham. Quick, close and cheap Gaynor’s food van has the following menu.


Food at Galleon Studios

A stone’s throw away from the studio is the famous Bobs Biltong (we’re not kidding people travel from all over the country to buy food there). As well as being an authentic South African Shop it contains a cafe to chill out in the downtime at lunch.  The cafe serves such delicacies as Boerewors, Biltong and tasty chilli sticks as well as genuine snacks and drinks from the Rainbow Nation. It’s not unuusal for clients to become regular customers of Bob’s and we’ll often see hirers pop back to pay Bob a visit.

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I need coffee… Now!

Sometimes only a Costa will do. And there’s one 5 minutes drive from Galleon’s Manchester Studio.  Fed up of Costa?  Then try something different and go to Starbucks a mere 10 minutes away.  There you can get… well, you know.  Different coffee and sub-par Tea.

Specialist Catering

We’ve partnered with the amazing Manchester Catering Company who offer an outstanding menu on a per-head basis.  Offering truly scrumptious food at affordable prices and a selection of cakes that are simply mouthwatering if you’re aiming to impress client and crew then look no further.  We recommend you contact them, or us, in advance of booking to allow them time to prepare their menu. You can see here their working lunch menu. Prices may vary but it gives you a ballpark to work from

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Everybody Loves Costco

If you need a good selection of breakfast croissants, sandwiches, wraps, muffins, cookies and fizzy drinks throughout your shoot then nearby Costco is another option.  With notice Galleon Studios can collect food for your shoot and bill on at cost plus £10 for travel and pick-up.


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