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14 Amazing Facts About Video

Video Marketing is a sure fire way to get company and your brand noticed. Hera at Galleon Film Studios we’ve some amazing facts and statistics to reinforce how important video is to business. Based on independent research we present 14 amazing facts that will convince you video is the right way to jump when choosing the best form of marketing for your

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How Businesses Can Use Video

Making a video without a clear goal as to how you want to use it is always a mistake. In this blog, we’ll look at why you should make video and what the advantages and aims of any video production could be. Is it to raise awareness, is it to increase sales, is it to spotlight customer feedback. We have some suggstions and strategies you can adopt in your video marketing.

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Case Study: Commercial Filming At Galleon Studios

Filming commercials is part and parcel of opening a video production company and studios. Yet how exactly do you bring together the different strands of crew, kit, costume, props as well as an international footballer, an Italian client and an international brand? Here is an in-depth case study of our Manchester studios becoming home to a commercial shoot and the discipline, organisation and skills needed to achieve a 28-second advert.

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5 Things To Make You An Expert In Front Of Camera

Today appearing in front of camera is considered a natural skill it’s just assumed you have. Video is everywhere. Appearing on video is also essential to help publicise your business or mark you our as an expert in your field. Yet for most the idea of appearing in front of camera can be somewhat daunting. Yet not to worry. Galleon Studios have essential tips to make you as slick on camera as the best TV presenter.

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Interview Studio

As a specialist filming studio our Manchester soundproof studio is the ideal location for interviews, pieces-to-camera and talking head videos. As one of only two fully soundproof studios in the North West we’re an amazing fully equipped space that is home to interrotrons, autocues, eye-directs and the best microphones this side of the Pennines.

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Green Screen Treadmill Hire Manchester

It’s not just enough to use a green screen studio. To bring it, and your artificial environment to life, it’s essential to add movement by using a chromakey treadmill. At Galleon Studios our Manchester green screen studios not only offers lighting but this great piece of kit to hire in studio or on location .

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Teleprompter Hire

As a fully equipped studio we’re proud to offer for hire in studio or on location our amazing teleprompter. It can be a great time saver on filming days, especially if scripts are changing on the day. It’s a great way to support your presenter as well as assist those who aren’t comfortable in front of camera.

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Studio Hire in Manchester

Galleon Studios is an outstanding filming studio hire in Manchester. Catering solely for film, TV and video productions it is ideally located off the M62. Fully equipped with lighting included and crew available find out why you should film your next video production at our friendly studios.

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What is an Interrotron?

You may have heard of the Interrotron but what is it? In this edition of the Galleon Studios Blog we explain all about it, what it does and why it’s the best piece of kit you’re not using. Ideal for interview filming and pieces to camera the Interrotron will lift your productions to the next level.

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How Do I Shoot For Green Screen Part 3: Your Checklist

Here’s an essential tick list for using greenscreen both in and out of the Manchester studio. With years of experience filming green screen you can rely on our advice to steer you in the right direction and ensure you achieve perfect green screen results that’ll save you time in the edit and wow clients.

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Motion Control Rig Hire in Manchester at Galleon Studios

What can a motion control rig bring to your video production? Available to hire at the Manchester studio or out on location is our remarkable Ditogear Omnihead Evolution. What is it, how does it work and what can you use it for? All those questions and less will be answered in our in-depth look at this exclusive kit.

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How Do I Shoot For Green Screen Part 2: Lighting

It’s part 2 of our definitive guide that answers “How Do I shoot For Green Screen” and we cover arguably the most important topic. Lighting is essential in ensuring that after all your hard work during the shoot that your final composite will be keyed effectively. We also discuss how to match studio to your background.

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How NOT To Make A Video Testimonial

In honour of April Fools Day 2018 we produced a BAD example of a customer testimonial video. A video testimonial calls on real customers to give their opinion of your brand. It’s informative AND emotive as real people give you a pat on the back that become a shot in the arm for your company’s reputation.

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Filming Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next generation of media technology. At Galleon Studios we use our unique L-Shaped green screen cove to capture both the “player” and the artificial environment they’re experiencing enabling us to success in filming Virtual Reality herein our Manchester Studios.

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Why Is A Greenscreen Green?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked “why is a green screen green” I’d be wondering why people were giving me dollars. It’s a common question and so here I break down exactly why green, over any other colour, even blue, is best for special effects filming in (hopefully) an easy to understand way,

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How do I shoot for Green Screen?

Green screen video production is a popular method of producing video for web, music videos, television, and film. Despite the improvements in camera chips and processing, there are still rules one must obey to achieve the perfect blend of background and chromakey. In Part 1 I discuss the basics to filming green screen.

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