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Live Streaming Manchester

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Live Stream Filming

Galleon studios are specialists in live streaming offering live-streaming solutions in studio or livestreaming in Manchester or throughout the U.K. and worldwide. 

We are able to webstream your event from our custom streaming soundproof studios or come to you or your event and broadcast to the web from any location where there is an internet connection.

We have unrivalled experience in what is an exciting new way of presenting content to your clients through live streaming.

-Using our hi-speed fibre connection we offer a wired and reliable connection for your event and offer crew and equipment to ensure your live stream goes without a hitch. We can stream to a web address or choose from one of the many platforms currently available like Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope or, using our multi-stream platform, broadcast on all the social channels so you connect with all your audience no matter which social network they frequent. We can use the latest broadcast cameras to send your event to your audience or use the latest technologies, such as the Mevo to give you multi-camera capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Use the contact form to reach us and tell us all about your project.

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Mevo PLUS and Mevo Boost

The Mevo Plus and Mevo Boost are ideal tools to begin your journey into live streaming. Galleon Studios are among the first video production companies to add the Mevo to its arsenal of filming kit. The live streaming camera – dubbed “the TV studio in your pocket” uses its 4K sensor to create multiple HD camera angles that you program yourself
Available to hire from our Manchester studios with or without operator the Mevo is ideal if you’re on a low budget but still want to screen high-quality, high-production value video to your clients. The Mevo Boost adds wired ethernet, external microphone capability and 11-hour battery life to this self-shooting camera.
The camera has native streaming to Vimeo, Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitch and Persicope.

Live Stream Your Webcast Or Podcast From Our Studios

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Galleon Studios are even able to offer an out-of-normal-hours self-shoot live streaming so if you have a tight budget and can’t afford a shooter we can offer you the studio, lighting, Mevo camera, mics and access to the streaming platform so you can deliver your message from a dedicated filming space.
Clients use this option to present their message in a polished and professional studio environment meaning they aren’t at home where interruptions and low-fi kit can hamper their message. With our out-of-hours self-shooting web-streaming option you can connect with your audience in the evening ensuring maximum viewers for your live stream.

Filming in our studio is better than a web cam, more polished than self shooting on a phone and a more professional environment than filming at home.  If you do wish to self-shoot using our Mevo or other camera to live stream our pricing is below. 

Alternatively, you can hire our experienced crew, our live streaming kit and our range of cameras, mics and vision mixers to broadcast to the world from an adaptable and creative studio space, Galleon Studios. From either our infinity cove studio or our soundproof studio, we can create an exciting and vibrant environment so even the driest of subjects will garner a dedicated and growing number of live stream viewers.

To see how Galleon Studios can help you reach a global audience get in touch with us now.

Live Streaming Events On Location

Galleon Productions are an experienced Manchester video production company established since 2003 and as such we have an unrivalled history of capturing a once in a lifetime event; be it a conference, sporting event or gala dinner or award show. With our history and confidence in filming live events we have embraced the opportunity Live Streaming brings allowing people all over the world to participate without leaving the comfort of home. Companies and organisations too are fast seeing advantages of live streaming. Live streaming is all about community, it makes customers and employees feel included in your brand. It also encourages soical engagement leading to “likes” and comments giving you an opportunity to cross promote and interact with an audience you wouldn’t normally have the chance to connect to.

Advantages of Live Streaming

* Live streaming grows your audience as a live streaming event gives access to people who wouldn’t have otherwise participated.

* Live streaming reduces costs across the board. You can use live streaming as part of your training programs to train employees or customers so everyone receives the same training and information at the same time. This mitigates other costs like accommodation or travel. As the event can be saved after it’s streamed it also means it can be referred to again when needed in the future.

* The money saved in streaming means you can spend money elsewhere in promoting your products, growing your company or promoting the event itself.

* Whether it’s employees or customers people like to be heard. The interactive nature of live events gives a platform for both you and your audience. Making them feel a valued part of your organisation.

To see how Live Streaming can help you and your company then reach out to us here at Galleon Studios now.

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Other Live Streaming 

Live Stream Your Shoot To Clients

Need to film at Galleon Studios but can’t make it? Then we offer a unique “Direct It From Home” live streaming service which means you can dial in and see exactly what the camera sees. As strange as it may seem we do have a popular option whereby clients, producers and even directors view the whole shoot from the comfort of their home or office. 

As the image that’s being seen is the one that’s captured then everyone involved in the production knows what has and hasn’t been recorded so everyone is happy. What’s more both time and travel costs are saved making the whole production both live streamed and streamlined.

Talk to us now about our live streaming solutions at our Manchester studios.

Live streaming studio in Manchester
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Live Stream To The Interrotron From Anywhere… Worldwide

One of our most popular pieces of kit is our interrotron that allows an interviewer to chat, eye-to-eye to their contributor through a camera on an autocue.  Using this same principle the camera streams it’s image not from a different part of the studio but from a location anywhere in the world.  This means if you’re interviewee is based in Manchester and you’re in Mumbai you can still interview them as you would if you were in the studio with them.

As travel cost increase and TV production budgets are squeezed tighter and tighter we are pleased to offer this solution to the budget conscious producer. Ready to save money? Give us a call today and talk to us about how our live streaming services.


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